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Network Infrastructure

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure represents equipment and software necessary to implement and operate systems and networks for communications services as well as support applications, digital content, and ecommerce.

ICT infrastructure includes hardware (switches, servers, base station equipment, etc.) as well as software, systems, and related services. In terms of ICT infrastructure services, many telecom and IT infrastructure needs are provided today on a “as a service” basis in a managed services model or via the cloud computing services paradigm

ICT Switching, Signaling and Platform

Switching, signaling, network control and the overall systems for ICT service delivery has evolved significantly over the last decade. Historically, two of the most important areas for carrier infrastructure in recent years have been Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

SDN represents a cost effective and flexible way for incumbent carriers to introduce new applications to networks.

IMS provides a framework for support of voice over LTE (VoLTE) call continuity (e.g. handover from VoLTE to 3G based voice) as well as the potential for next generation services. While the latter has not panned out as hoped, the former continues to be important for support of high definition voice services for network operators


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