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Website Designing

Web development as a profession was relegated for years now. For a few years there was a boom of home pages and tiny corporate websites that were built with any regard for the end user. This trend ended thankfully, in large part due to the highly scaled websites that came out the original and still unique, Microtelecomms has been able to produce more than 50 websites in recent years.

Today, the professional scene of web design consists of thousands of freelancers, studios, agencies and large media companies, along with offshore and outsourcing businesses

We create brand identities 
that connect with audiences and design websites for eCommerce, Digital Art Communities, Sports, Finance, Social Media, Healthcare, Education, Smart Home and more. Regardless of industry, we focus on our clients’ aims, namely making their customers happy. For that, we study user needs and your business goals beforehand to make the development process as much cost-effective as possible.

Some of our works are:

P.O.Box 79307,Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Savei Plaza, Along Sam Nujoma Road,  2nd Floor.

  • E: info@microtelecomms.com
  • M: +255 712 602 202.

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